Igor Miroshnichenko (born 12 March, 1977 in Rostov-on-Don, Russia) is an English-language writer, novelist, and essayist; he writes under a pen name Igor Eliseev, a maiden name of his mother.
  Igor graduates from the Don State Technical University in 1999 with specialization in engineering procedure. He passes examinations in the Moscow University of Industry and Finance in 2005 and graduates with a degree in management of commercial activities in 2009.
  He interests in oriental martial arts since childhood and practices Judo, Karate, Jiu-Jitsu and Chinese Wushu, works as a martial arts instructor for several years. During the difficult period for the country Igor feels a burning passion for literature and cinema. He first tries his hand at writing sketches and scenarios for radio show. Soon he moves to Milan trying to run a family business. Living in Italy, he learns of mother’s death and is compelled to return to Russia. He finds himself particularly drawn to portrait and fashion photography. A time later he becomes one of the most demanded photographers in Moscow. His photos gain him a lot of attention and taste of financial freedom, but the literature remains, after all, his true and only calling.
  Igor Eliseev begins his literary activity in 1999 with short stories, essays and film script. Later the idea of the script is repeatedly reconsiders and develops into the literary novel – the most important project of his life that has not yet been completed. However, in 2015 he finishes his second novel, which by a twist of fate becomes the first one. One-Two, dedicated to the memory of his mother, tells the story of two conjoined sisters, named Faith and Hope, born in the era of the collapse of the Soviet Union. Igor says of his debut novel: “One-Two is so good that nobody dares to publish it”. Well, only time will tell us if he is right or he is wrong.
  Igor Eliseev is married; lives in Moscow; speaks English, Italian and Russian. Interests: Literature, Photo, Philosophy, Psychology, Design, Sport, Cinema, Art.

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© 2018 Igor Eliseev. All rights reserved.