1. The wonderful thing about books is that they allow us to enter imaginatively into characters' lives and communicate frankly with the author without having to change where we live or who we are, and let our governments lose they in the inextricable labyrinth, we're still reading and writing. 


2. It only might seem that we do not tend to read strange books on obscure topics, in fact, the obscure topic tingles with obscurity – the state of being unknown, inconspicuous. People are always emotionally involved with searching for something new: always fresh, always a surprise, and always interesting, spending hours on social networks. But social networks, in contradistinction to books, spinning its web to deeply engage people and to divert their attention, as a result of which the person never knows what he or she is looking for and never finds anything. 


3. It's hard for the writer to make readers feel the same emotion as he felt once. Many try few succeed. However, good writing, in essence, is a conversation between the reader and the writer. Whether the author is still alive or whether he has passed away, the reader's still a winner. Fortunately, there is no need for the reader to strain his brain to understand packages of words that come together to express complete thoughts and the structure of modern words and sentences mathematically verified. Let's author do all “the dirty work” to get his ideas over to his readers.

4. We are the books we read; books are a uniquely portable tremendous way for self-improvement. Due to reading a wide variety of books, we can significantly enhance the vocabulary, improve our communication skills, evolve our attention functions, learning and logical thinking. The possibilities of drawing out new knowledge in an endless flood of information, the infinite stream of internal motivation – all this and more is contained in the books. Reading, in essence, can be one of life's greatest pleasures and one of the biggest benefits of human brain development; books form the mind exactly as barbells and dumbbells serve as a foundation for muscular power and speed. 


  To complete the thought, I've been always skeptical about those types of people who have never actually read, but with typical implacability have been designating themselves a worthy party in a conversation. 


5. How often we hear statements like this: no matter what reading, the main thing is to get into marvelous literary adventure and keep on going to have a good time. Yes but with reservations. Just as the happiness of our life depends upon the quality of our thoughts, the aesthetic beauty depends on the books we choose to read. Here are some examples in the form of questions and some questions in the form of an answer. So then, dudes, what muscles do you get without weights? What will happen to your body if you don't sleep and keep consuming low quality foods? What the hell will happen to you, if instead of water, you'll get drunk on coca cola? All right, I stop asking you stupid questions, but we can't just pretend this conversation never happened. 

  In conclusion, these are some words I would like to say about books, muscles and whatever. What you eat affects your body; what you read affects your brain. Best of luck for the following!


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

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