The older we become, the more we want: kids go crazy for toys, teens or barely-not-teens fall in love till it hurts and bleeds, adults need to succeed, the old man wants to live the most wonderful life for as long as possible.
  The selling love, hypocritical gratitude, false diligence, all foam and a scum that rises to the top when you make meat broth are the things money can buy. Life's essence could be bought only with immortal essence of soul.
  When the man immolates himself for the good of his country, this is one of the finest gestures of deep mortification that may happen in our times; however, it isn't like the woman covering the baby by her mother's body during a terrorist attack or a building collapse.
  Charity of the rich person resembles the old tree getting rid of rotten or over-ripe fruits – taken from the earth gets back to the earth.



  The rich men buy their freedom just as ancient Greeks sacrificed to gods – nothing personal, just the pure speculation – the restoration of rights restores rightly.
Every gift of the rich or beggar, in essence, is a pious effort, though there is much more to be thankful for the beggar’s one.
  How often does generous gift, false or true, come out! And every gift, I should say, to this or that well or badly deserved person – who will judge the good or evil in view of its appearing! – is a blind chance, confluence of favorable circumstances of time and place.


Friday, December 4, 2015





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