The so-called “free choice” according to which  contemporary man tries to live is usually made under the influence of the thousand historical, socio-economic and cultural factors; consequently, we are not our own, for we have been bought with the price of ideology. We live in a time when even the most courageous dreams of human beings or childhood fantasies are placed under the threat of getting into a marketing trap or an ambush related to taking advantage of someone else’s money, in other words, we always run the risk of being undergone extensive, in-depth psychophysical manipulations; obviously it is time for us speak clearly, decisively and truthfully not only of mental-slavery but also of enslaved imagination.



















  Generally speaking, the more people are on the planet, the more densely interwoven their patterns of cultural interaction where consumer values of one dimensional personality or media-driven myths with its false world outlook and ideological stands provide background info that are completely dependent on political influence and intervention. In short, despite the imaginary lightness of being, reason and conscience of the critical mind the modern man (for whom a fog of daily occurrence is a reality) seems to be doomed to the formation of his own event horizon that continually moves away from him so that he could never actually reach it.

  Denying the fatal inevitability, being lost in great variety of faceless and lifeless marketing trajectories set by somebody more powerful, more intelligent, and more cunning than anyone else, we need to face reality more than ever before. Then and only then it may happen that after empty vanity years of releasing common misconceptions, we, perhaps, will understand: life is not a pipedream between the ability to have all we want and the desire to to have all we want, but our most important and unique asset. I think therefore it would be very offensive to lose not only the great possibility for the competent investment of moral forces, but also amazing opportunity to make an unforgettable trip of our personal identity.


Tuesday, February 16, 2016

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