Having jumped around in various rebellious internet articles, I quickly find out that actually it’s not an expensive solution to be a person from inside the system during this time of change, reform, and limited ideas. If, however, more recently, to imagine what would look like a real rebel, we could only say: rebels are considered the people with non-traditional, and I would say, with revolutionary and evolutionary views on working and living, capable to overturn consciousness of the general public and change the course of history, most probably, it’s no longer a grasp of current affairs today.


  I quite often face exclusion and misunderstanding, saying that I’m keen on sport all my life, have no a problem with alcohol and cigarettes, get adequate food and proper nutrition. But, just imagine that, many people refuse to accept my (and other people’s) ideas of happiness. It looks like I’m trying to impose something that they firmly opposed, not being able to understand or speak the language I use. Essentially, I’m afraid that these are the mental and creative capacities and an appropriate level of culture that make all the difference. Even more surprising, however, is that I don’t say all these tiresome things that are usually said, I just want to share my thoughts of what consisted of a healthy lifestyle, for I believe people must tell people when they are wrong or misguided, and must be prepared to speak truth when it is right to do so. My position, however, causes permanent misunderstanding, irritation and even disgust.
  So, let me return to the original subject and share with you some ideas. My own observation and the preliminary findings suggest that today you don’t have to be Edward Snowden or Vladimir Lenin to become a known rebel. For this purpose it is enough to drop smoking, be sure to drink plenty of water, to increase fruits and vegetables consumption, make more movement, and certainly the most important thing is to fight for your dreams. That may sound like a joke or a paradox, but it simply reflects the fact that the world is surging forward with incredible speed. Thus it’s pretty much possible to become a real superrebel now, without any plan, without really showing any human effort, and without increased risks for the environment and health. And you know what? I think, I might be right to be born in the time and place I’m in. And what if you're right too?


Sunday, January 31, 2016

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