Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard the literary agent query letter of mine.  I wrote this one a couple of months ago to send to an agent. And so I sent. Perhaps some of you will take my query letter in the wrong spirit of how not to write a cover letter, others will be encouraged by my sample. Anyway, the important thing is that in every way, whether for success or failure, the letter is written with love, and that's the main thing for me. So be it!

  «Dear Literary Agent:
Have you ever admired our Earth from space? I suppose, looking at her, feeling the hard surface beneath the feet is a completely different thing. Standing on the ground, we usually pay attention only to our home and see only our country with its borders, while from space we might enjoy the entire planet. It seems wherever you land, you will always be happy, you will feel comfortable everywhere; the whole earth is hospitable. I dare say the same thing happens to literary compositions – until the book is read from cover to cover, one cannot imagine how good it is.



  So, I am seeking representation for a fiction book entitled «One-Two». Two conjoined babies are born in the USSR. Girls are named Faith and Hope. After spending their childhood in a foster home and obtaining primary education, they understand that they are different from other people in many respects. The problems of their growing up are exacerbated with permanent humiliations from society. Finally, fortune favors them, slightly opening a door to happiness – separation surgery that theoretically can be performed in the capital. And sisters start their way, full of difficulties and obstacles. Will they be able to overcome a wall of public cynicism together with internal conflicts among themselves? Will they find a justification for their existence and accept it? Searching for the answers to these and many other questions constitutes the essence of this novel.
  From page to page, the novel increases its tension, speeding up the pace and finally reaching his existential denouement. I think we could make a bet: if you can guess how exactly the novel ends, I will grant it to you with ease.


  “One-Two” is a psychological drama, the main events of which unfold in 1980s and 1990s. The novel is a speculation about how difficult it is to be a human and how important it is to stay human until the end. It is a message full of empathy and kindness addressed to all people.
  This novel is in no way a confession about how hard it is and how long it takes to write a book and how little truth remains in the end, neither is it a book of complaints. It’s not enough for me to be sincere with myself, most of all I want to be sincere with you. For many years I have been hesitating to publish this story. I kept writing and rewriting, forgetting and finding back to forget again. But now, I have a faith the time has come. I hope this book is for you.
  As you've probably guessed, I am a Russian writer, but, despite this, my primary goal and landmark is a Western reader. I address a topic that is capable to discover human values and serve as a measure of the very essence of a human – a person without borders. I hasten to assure you that absolutely all the novel characters are fictional, but the situation in the country is real, covering with invisible mantle its entire territory, intoxicating consciousness, impairing life.
  Dear Agent, I want to believe that you do not give in to all those political sentiments hovering in the thin air and that you can find me a writer to be read and possibly to be published. If you are interested in my letter, please let me know so I can send you the first few chapters.

  By the way, at the moment I am finishing the second novel, which will be much larger in volume, and, I assume, more significant in human terms».


Tuesday, February 9, 2016​



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