Who is my target audience? For what purpose should my writing be read? I often meet this question in a variety of interpretations. Almost all literary agency and publisher websites ask me to fill in the step-by-step application form, and every time I experience difficulties with answering these questions. I have always believed that good books have no social limits and age restrictions. "The Catcher in the Rye", "The Little Prince" or "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest" (the list can be expanded almost indefinitely) were read and will be read by people of all age categories, with different interests and literary preferences.
  Just imagine what would have happened to the literature if "The Gulag Archipelago" by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (about the Soviet forced labor camp system) hadn’t been published? If the publishers would had asked him reasonable questions:
"Excuse me, sir, and whom did you write this book for? How do you define your target audience?"
  And he would have answered simply and gently: "My audience is made of all the people of the planet, including the beautiful ones are not yet born."


  "Dear Mr. Solzhenitsyn, thank you so much for your writing", the publishers cautiously would have answered, regaining consciousness. "We appreciate the opportunity to consider your work for possible publication, but we have decided that this particular project isn’t the right fit for us, but please know we wish you good luck", meaning the following: his reply is rather vaguely and non-informative; it tends to be equivalent to a death knell for the Archipelago's commercial success.

God, for the first time in my life, I am ashamed of our own period; after all I am not so old to grumble like an old man, but I'm grumbling notwithstanding. I realize that literature is a serious business, that is certainly so, but I do think the true literature shouldn't be just business and anything more, while medical profession, being an activity of great importance, shouldn't be just business and anything more, as well as education, family, social networks…



  Well then, the time to work with above-mentioned "the extremely important question" has come; otherwise, I run the risk of being rejected and misunderstood forever. My writing, I hope, are targeted on people of all racial and ethnic groups of all ages and financial means who care about things happening around. My writing could get the necessary response from the young people confused by cultural heritage, who are sometimes dependent upon external preferences and other people's opinions; also it could serve as a benchmark for the lost, desperate, doomed, but pure souls (each soul in itself is pure) standing on the edge and thinking to make the last step; after all, life is hard but full of miracles occurring in the world at any point in time, irrespective of the places to stay. Perhaps, my creation works will force someone to burst into a flood of tears for emotional reasons, but this is exactly what we need; tears heal the heart, cleanse the soul and prolong life of the body. Pardon me for saying something so banal.

  At all rates, the One-Two book has been soul therapy for me when I felt like my life was crashing down (that actually pushed me to write this very book). What is more, the One-Two writing allowed me to get started with a new, healthy, happy life and forced me to change the way I look at things. I won't hide the secret ambitions: my novel has been down with immemorial melancholy of the human being (born by the mortal) for self-embodiment in art (immortal and absolute). None the less softening the indifferent hearts and rising above the world isn’t the main goal of my book, as it may seem at first, but showing people the true purpose of the life so they can reach their journey's end truly happy is my main purpose.
  So, ladies and gentlemen, I'm really sorry for a long prelude and going to answer that "tricky question" that has been done. There you are! According to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn my audience is made of all the people of the planet, and let me sound naive and, perhaps, high and mighty, but the main mission of each writer is to write down all the words which deeply have been impressed him, to write every day like it's the last day of life, to write because he can write, the urge is always there.


Tuesday, January 12, 2016



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