One day many years ago Ray Bradbury and then Joseph Brodsky wrote: “There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.” As much as I love the classics, I am going to agree with them and still going to correct them a little. The most serious literary crime, from my point of view, is not to read Good Books. You may say “Wait a minute, man, whoever you are, for me the worst thing about literary is writing poor and low books and having to leave everything as it goes. Firstly, poor-literature doesn't teach us anything worth knowing, but teaches us something poor and low, and secondly, if you want to be a writer, write a good book and be ready to write your heart out, otherwise you wouldn't be published!” It seems the truth, but the truth is not always what it seems. Firstly, some writers write badly not because they're bad people or mediocre talents, but primarily because they never read good books. I consider a literary crime is not to read “the Idiot” or “the Crime and Punishment” by Dostoyevsky, which not just Russian but international literature. And secondly, low-literature seems to be published more than willingly and it happens not because publishers are abandoned villains, but because we read such books with a great relish. And you are welcome! Our punishment logically follows from our crime: the domination of a poor class of novels is more devastating scenario that will be witnessed by future generation; falling of literature leads to falling of moral ideals. The damage caused by a writer who doesn't enjoy reading Charles Dickens, Anton Chekhov, Franz Kafka, Marcel Proust, Rudyard Kipling, Romain Rolland, Samuel Beckett etcetera, may have no boundaries, especially if that unbookish writer is owner of a numerous number of copies sold of each book. Believe me ladies and gentlemen, I don't try to sermonize for the sake of moral acts and judge the people's behavior; and even more important, I do not keep in mind to change the world. I just can't keep quiet. I can't do everything what I want and I can't want everything what I do.  

  Dear writers, if, by miracle, you ever read this entry, I want you to know. The reader doesn't know what the hell he's doing when he's holding out his hand to take the garbage book; the publisher doesn't know what the hell they're doing while publishing the garbage book, that is just business; they are like children – guiltless and unaccountable. For cultural development, for pursuiting of moral and aesthetic ideals, for the bright future of mankind are always the writers in response. Please do not forget about it and may the literary force be with you.


Sunday, November 29, 2015

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