For the writer who supposed to be a genius, immortality of his literature works is the most important thing in life; he is willing to do everything in his power to protect that have captured his full attention, that are larger than life and higher than death, that are above happiness and distress, money and praise, relationships and everything else that is valuable in life – his grand conceptions. I should say that’s the reason, the only reason why only a genius capable of creating an immortal piece of art. 
Now let's imagine for the moment that a true genius appears in the world, but grows up in a backwoods town far away from civilization, and let's pretend he doesn't harness these new internet technologies as tools to bring his works to people. What comes next? Not a dot or comma! So then, it turns out that an astonishing literary genius has to be not only perfect in writing beautiful prose, but also be a wonderfully talented it-specialist. And, let's not forget, he surly must be speaking the language corresponding to the right geographical area and being a particular part of the first world countries. In such a manner, I have only one question: is there a modern day Leonardo da Vinci between us? I hope so, but I'm not a hundred percent sure. And please note that by "genius", I don’t like to label myself; certainly not! My inexact reasoning of writing this article shouldn’t be the ground for causing speculation. I just want to argue with people who want to understand. I am sharing my thoughts and ideas that I have accumulated, and nothing more. 


  Now then, let’s say our cloud-built writer is a literary genius but, at the same time, he is not a do-all person, his genius doesn’t epitomize the ancient humanist ideal. Thus it remains the case that today's genius is doomed not to be recognized as a genius? I could already foresee the coming battle. At this point you should exclaim, "Being genius is as dangerous at the present time as it has ever been in the past; works of genius certainly are not always productive of felicity and usually reach us after great artist’s death. Moreover, in certain circumstances genius name and voice are erased, buried, burnt or destroyed. That’s the way the ball bounces!" In such a case, let me suggest, if today’s genius is a really genius, а global network doesn’t help him as the printing press didn’t help him once: all agents and publishers of the world will continue to reject him. And it’s not because the most of the bad guys in the real world never know that they are bad guys, but because genius and his contemporaries always live in a parallel universes. 

  So now, what could the "ill-fated" genius do but slow down his efforts, personal ardor and perseverance which hardened into obstinacy, stop creating immortal works and compose unpretentious meaningless drudgery bullshit just to have money to buy things! So then, even today there is a strictly necessary to be mediocre in various regions of the world – here and there and maybe everywhere, even today there is need to seek as wide an audience as possible and bring them into full compliance with one’s literary tricks twice a year – seasonally. Therefore the most reasonable thing to do is to find some kind of a funny story, to shape these ideas into a folio with some degree of certainty and that’s it; no throes of composition, no heavy-duty cycle, no eternal life and immortality of the soul. In actual fact, is there a need for a person, after strife and torments, after all disappointments in life to achieve a deathless existence on Earth? Good question. 
  Although I’m not going to jump to any hasty conclusions that the rare genius is an unwanted gift to get rid of or a heavy burden that is very heavy indeed, I cannot approve of it. On the contrary, I consider, generally speaking, all that has been said on this subject is bullshit – fiddle de dee. Personally I believe that every genius is a miracle of nature, a divine gift, the best opportunity for people to find their nature. And what is more, I firmly believe that every person who lives in harmony with himself is unique, which is why a genius; therefore everyone should live his own life, no matter how hard it will be, doing the best he can and watch the miracles happen!


Sunday, December 13, 2015

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