Lately I have been seeing a lot of common phrases and slogans such as “Live in the positive”, “Keep your smile”, “Be optimistic in life”, “Everything will be ok” and so on. Sometimes I meet such people, look at these shiny faces, and think: Do these people really feel alright of their existing life? Do they help to make it alright? And will they continue to have a “keep smiling” sentiment in the future? Or, may be, is this just a way to run away from any problem, from everyone and everything or, even more, is this an elementary inability to face reality? Frankly speaking, misfortune is also a subject to change; there is no uncertainty about the matter. However, without balance everything falls out of whack.


  Some will make you feel good and others will make you feel bad. If you are feeling good, let others know it, be happy and smile, but if you are feeling sad, then tears or something could be a good option to get rid of disturbing thoughts. There may be the really positive moments of true pleasure and happiness when things go our way. And we all have the right to enjoy these moments throughout carefully, because they don’t last forever. Here's why our “be optimistic” praise on the fridge or a “live in the positive” meme on Facebook wall means nothing; using this line of reasoning, we’re just hiding inside the shell and refusing to see the real world.

  Yeah, the truth is we really don't know what is going to happen tomorrow. Every year, every day in the world there are some terrifying, unpleasant, traumatic events which can leave us feeling unsafe. The world is constantly changing. There are groups of people fighting among themselves, undermining peace and stability; there are natural disasters and climate change; more than 1.3 billion live in extreme poverty; twelve people die of hunger and malnutrition every minute. But the fact is that anything reality doesn't exist until observed. That is certainly so. However, I don’t call living in utter despair, I cannot approve of it. However, being a positive person all the time, in my opinion, almost equated to being immoral, just an ordinary laid back person who doesn’t care about anything except himself, as for him the only thing that is trust-worthy is his own efforts in life. Let me tell you that truly positive people such as Buddha, Lao Tzu, Jesus Christ est. weren't laid-back persons; they were totally opposite – those who were spreading love and encouraging positive energy.

  Wolves, if you look closely enough, have something extremely unusual in their eyes runs counter to such concepts as positive emotions and peacefulness. Let give the name “conditional sadness” to this something. And still, these animals hardly seem unhappy or unfortunate. They are dexterous, dauntless, hardy and graceful spirits; wolf-pack actively pursues prey and never flees from danger; their honed movements are elegant and harmonious. And the main thing is that all their actions are carried out in coordination with the nature that we humans have difficulty to comprehend. Most probably, precisely for lack of these natural forces, we are trying to hide behind a “keep smiling” mask. Today, demonstrating insincerity with other people is weakness or at least a matter of public debate, but insincerity with oneself is the norm.
  For me, “live in the positive” slogan is the most useless, not because I am anti everything, but only because I don't know the recipe for happiness. Sometimes I feel very good about trifles, the little nothings of life, for example, about smell of freshly brewed coffee or snowflakes melting on my lips. It seems to me that it is much more useful to adapt or adjust oneself to particular acts. And when we meet some difficulties, the real difficulties ahead, we just do clench our teeth, look up and tell ourselves: “We must overcome all difficulties”; “We will be able to”; “We can shift for ourselves”. Let us say, such wording makes us feel more confident knowing we have everything we need to overcome any problem, what is usually taken for optimism and motivation toward success. But if we put a fake smiley face on, then people, most likely would believe we're not sincere, we lack motivation to do whatever it takes to achieve success. I'm telling you that on the quiet: to deceive people is more difficult than to delude oneself.
  So then, is everything actually mostly fine? There are people with insignificant or significant health problems; someone has the lack of healthy communication; someone lives through “not enough money”; others cannot have a child after a certain period of time; many people live in hunger and poverty. The perfect world without any problem hardly ever exists. That's honesty, whether you like it or not. And all that remains is correcting our errors, coping with difficulties, stop running away from ourselves, and not covering any situation, that's not totally pure, with cheerful slogans.
  Well, ladies and gentlemen, let me say without false modesty! There is no stiff smile on my face; today is not a day of triumph, but a day of rededication.


Saturday, December 5, 2015

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